Value Added Services

Email Hosting

Take hold of your online identity with your own email address such as [email protected]
My basic and business plans are hosted in Sydney, Australia. Having your emails stored within Australia provides many benifits such as faster email access and legal jurisdiction. For email pricing, visit:

Web Hosting

Once you have your website, you'll need a place to host it. I can also provide this! If we've already had a sit down together, you're aware of your options. If not, heres a brief outline.

Cost Website Type
  • Great if you’re just getting your online presence started.
  • Low traffic basic website with static content.
  • Recommended for a growing Australian small businesses.
  • Medium traffic basic website with static content.
  • Low traffic WordPress websites.
  • If you're starting an eCommerce store.
  • Medium traffic WordPress websites.
$60, $120, $240/month If you're looking into these options, you'll probably want more information than what this table provides.
I'd suggest you contact me for a discussion.

For the nerds out there, heres a list of some of the software the server uses. Ubuntu, Apache with Nginx reverse proxy, PHP, Exim, MySQL or MariaDB depending on the server.


Domains start at $20 AUD per year for .com and With this, I'll manage the domain and setup the correct records for things such as web servers and email exchanges. However, if you're a little more tech savy and know how domains work. The cost starts at $15 AUD for a self managed domain where you will need to setup the correct records yourself. If you're on the fence about which choice to go with, I recommend shilling out the extra $5 for a managed domain. Assistance with a self managed domain will unfortunately be charged at my hourly rate.

SSL Certificates

A while back, purchasing an SSL Certificate was a requirement for being a client - for the encryption and security it provides.
Today, there's a free SSL certificate available called Lets Encrypt and is automatically installed if you're hosted with me.
However, there are a few clients who at the advice of their marketing person recommends purchasing a certificate anyways and so I have that available to them. You can find out more about it here: